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Our flagship program, Message Remedy™, is your 8-week step-by-step plan to master your message for more leads, sales, and opportunities.


Before Message Remedy, I was winging it in these streets with success, but I needed a real system and structure to really rise and grow! I felt disorganized, chaotic, unstable, and didn’t know which way I was going. I had no plan… just some steps I was taking without true conversion. I have been on the Nyala train since November 2019.

I did the Master your Message challenge and have been following her ever since. Trying to grab what gems I could as I haven’t been able to fully fund the market message program ….yet. I already knew this was fire and was grateful that she took a piece of her program to offer us at a price point I could handle. Forever grateful for that. Message Remedy was way beyond expectation..so crystal clear. The roadmaps, the mindset, it is all there for us to put together ourselves and I feel way more at ease and comfortable in what I am doing and how I am doing it. I am just so truly grateful. I have really seen the way the system works for you in every way from the lead generation to the sale. And it is repeatable. I got clear on my signature offer, the steps needed, and then naming those uniquely.

Clarity is what I gained. And seeing the pieces come together and seeing it in action not only in the training but in listening to Nyala presenting in her own webinars, messaging..it all leads back to her signature offer…and I can now see how everything that comes out is related to clients pains, problems. As the song goes I can see clearly now!

- Desiree Parkman

Owner of Route + Align | Self-care & Healing Coach

I’ve been serving others in financial services for many years and was looking for a way to bring my business online. My biggest frustration was crafting a message and creating a system to connect with my audience and brand myself in the social media space.

Nyala’s genius to create systems and frameworks that help you clarify who you serve, what you’re selling, and how you will help your client realize their transformation is insightful and spot on. Working with Nyala gave me the clarity for how I am to make the transition from offline to online. She gave me the tools for speed of implementation.

- Elaine Rogers

Financial Literacy Coach

My greatest frustration was I did not have a clear system in place. I struggled with articulating my message of what I do and how I help students. The impact that my struggle had in my life was a lot of wasted time. I spent so much time trying to do research on what I should do and say to students. I was so confused with what my message was and where I would take each student along their journey through microbiology... After Message Remedy, I am now clear on my message and where I will take my students.

My aha moment was that I have to take my students on a journey to receive an “A”. They know that they want the “A”, but I have to show them their NEED to do the necessary steps to get that “A”. and I know have a signature system that does just that.

In Message Remedy, I was shown how to identify the many problems my students have, give them specific solutions for those problems, and express to them the benefits of my solutions that offer. I am forever grateful for Nyala Thorpe and the Message Remedy Program.

- Rochelle Harris

Microbiology Coach

I finally have complete clarity and a clear vision of where my business is going. I no longer feel like I have pieces of the puzzle. I recommend anyone seeking clarity to take this program!

- Lana McAllister
Intuituve Mindset Life Coach

After ten years in business, I am streamlining my Executive Coaching services. I knew that meant modifying my messaging and was looking for a process to help me determine what I wanted it to become.

The Message Remedy program structure and Nyala’s straightforward guidance helped me think things through. I discovered what I already have in place and what will need to be revised. This program delivered exactly what I needed to move forward from here.

- Debra Kunz
Certified Executive Coach & Business Performance Consultant

Excited! Signed a new client to my new Pivot to Profit Protocols VIP Weekend Offer! Got clear and got 1200 Paid in Full! Let's go the year is not over, and goals will still be met.

-Demishia Samuels
Income & Business Strategist


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