A roadmap to easily fill in the gaps plus simplify your systems & strategies...all while working less.


(only 3 spots open)

Hey You!

Are you a Coach, Consultant, or Service Professional who's not reaching your goals and you feel like there’s a gap or some piece of the puzzle is missing?


maybe you have a plan and you're determined to reach your 2022 goals but you want a coach to look over it, brainstorm with them and give them confirmation, not validation, but confirmation that you're moving in the right direction?

If this is you, KEEP READING...

I remember it like it was yesterday. I wanted to move from selling low-ticket to high-ticket programs and at that time I was not in a position to join a high-end 12-month coaching program

So I decided to book a session with this coach I was eyeing and wishing to work with for a long time

Anywho, after that ONE session, I immediately implemented the advice he gave and signed my first $5k client within 24 hours


and this very experience is why I do Business Audit Sessions

I created my Business Audit Sessions because sometimes people are not ready to go all-in on coaching but they want to speak to someone with experience to solidify their ideas and plans.

I also love offering audit sessions because you may be working with a coach but need a fresh set of eyes on your business.

Hi, I'm Nyala Thorpe

CEO of MYM where we help coaches & service professionals turn their story & skills into a six-figure business and since 2012 I've personally helped thousands of my clients & students grow their business through captivating messaging & strategic yet simple marketing.

So, you may be wondering...
What is a Business Audit Session?

My business audit session is a 3-hour session with me where I assess your business in 3 areas.


Is your business structured for maximum profits?


Are you currently generating a minimum of 40 leads per week and consistently booking appointments?


Are you set up up to create predictability in your income? Do you have a Business ecosystem? Is it duplicatable? Can the business still run if you are busy with a project at work or need time with the family?

Now if you're still here, you are probably the ideal candidate for the Business Audit session

$2500 $997


(only 3 spots open)

So, here's how it's going to go down

You give me 3 hours and I'll give you an audit doc outlining where your gaps are so you can know what to focus on

If this sounds like what you want, click the button below to grab 1 of our 3 spots.

$2500 $997

(only 3 spots open)

This is for you if:

  • You are not reaching your goals and you feel like there’s a gap or some piece of the puzzle that’s missing
  • If your message isn't connecting with your ideal audience and it's keeping you from making more money in your business
  • If you know what you want your customers to feel, but don't quite know how to communicate that
  • If you're overwhelmed with your to-do list and don't know what to tackle next
  • If your “so-called strategy” leaves you feeling stuck and maybe even a little frustrated
  • If you want to start off the year strong & with complete clarity
  • If you’re going at this alone and want a coach to look through what you have and what you’re doing so you can keep moving forward with complete clarity & confirmation that you're on the right track

Heard enough?

$2500 $997


(only 3 spots open)

Let me make sure I say this

  • This session is for serious business owners
  • This session is usually $2500 and you have a chance to get it at $997
  • My clients invest $15,000 to join our signature program Market Your Message which is the ONLY way you get coached by me 1-1
  • This session is 3 hrs. which means the strategies & gems are going to come fast & quick. If you are slow to move this may not be for you
  • Lastly, this session holds the power to change the trajectory of your business.

$2500 $997

(only 3 spots open)

What to know what it's like to be coached by me?

"I finally have complete clarity and a clear vision of where my business is going. I no longer feel like I have pieces of the puzzle. I recommend anyone seeking clarity to take this program!"

— Lana McAllister, Intuitive Mindset Life Coach

Give me 3 hours and you'll walk away from this session with an audit doc outlining where your gaps are so you can know what to focus on

I look forward to working with you!

$2500 $997


(only 3 spots open)